Polyisoprene Condoms FAQ

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What are polyisoprene condoms?

Many people, for various reasons, seek alternatives to standard latex condoms. Polyisoprene condoms are a newly-developed alternative to natural latex. Polyisoprene is a synthetic version of latex, and as such, it has many similar properties. It does not, though, contain the various allergenic proteins found in natural latex, and will therefore not trigger symptoms in most allergy sufferers.

Compared to polyurethane condoms, another latex alternative, polyisoprene condoms are softer and stretchier, for a more natural feeling. Some people even report them to feel better than regular latex.

Who should try polyisoprene condoms?

What are my options for polyisoprene condoms?

There are currently two brands of polyisoprene condoms on the market. These are the Durex Avanti Bare and the Lifestyles Skyn. It is worth trying each, as they are constructed somewhat differently.

Polyisoprene condoms are not yet available everywhere, but we recommend the links below where you can get them shipped to you discreetly at a good price.

Buy Lifestyles Skyn
(as low as 50 cents each)

Buy Durex Avanti Bare
(as low as 70 cents each)

But what is polyisoprene exactly?

Polyisoprene is simply the chemical name for the main constituent of natural rubber, or latex. For condoms, polyisoprene is produced synthetically, pure and free from other compounds.